Partnership Principles

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  1. The Partnership represents a bi-partisan effort of a wide range of stakeholders that will identify policies and propose courses of action that will ensure the fiscal sustainability of Medicare.
  2. The Partnership will secure and promote fact-based evidence on which care delivery models, finance methods, and additional system reforms are scalable to the entire Medicare population, and are best suited to improve Medicare.
  3. The Partnership’s efforts will serve as a building block for a strong public-private partnership in the fight to secure Medicare’s future, acknowledging that any workable solution will require input and accountability from both sectors, with the shared goal of reducing system-wide costs and delivering the highest quality care for beneficiaries.
  4. The Partnership seeks to ensure Medicare’s fiscal sustainability without sacrificing the program’s core values such as choice, accessibility and affordability. The Partnership believes the Medicare programs’ fiscal health and core values will benefit from policies that improve competitive processes among insurers, as well as providers, and move away from a fee-for-service payment model.
  5. The Partnership will educate policymakers on up-to-date findings regarding best practices and workable models for improving Medicare, as well as offer preliminary policies that would help advance these practices system-wide.